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Unsponsored Select Shades Review: Cellular Roman, Bamboo Shades

Our windows were uncovered when we moved in to our house last year. We quickly made temporary blinds out of paper, which we used until now to cover most of our windows.


In the beginning, I was not going to install my own blinds. A colleague convinced us that it was quite easy even for an inexperienced person like me. I would not have to worry about finding an stud because window frames are always surrounded in 2×4’s. (This is something I experienced when installing closet systems).


Self-installation was also a convincing option thanks to the internet (aka Reddit). The majority of window products are almost identical, and there is no need for you to pay an extra mark-up except for Hunter Douglass’s very special materials.


Redditors recommend Select Blinds and they have the style I wanted – honeycomb Outside mount cordless cellular shades  with top/down honeycomb. I ordered one set for testing… and have now installed them in three additional rooms, in different styles!

If you are looking to install blinds yourself, this review may be of help. Select Blinds’ reviews are not available on their website. They only accept text submissions. I wish they could allow people to upload photos.

I highly recommend that you order samples. Their samples are fast shipped, and I received mine in only a few business days.

Outside mount cordless cellular shades

These were extremely useful for color matching (there is no online way to tell) as well understanding textural variations. I ended up with 9 different samples of linen for our roman shades. I would have selected a shade that was wrong if I had used only the online color options.


At the beginning of our window covering journey we wanted to have honeycomb shades throughout the entire place. These were the same shades that we had in our last apartment. We loved their lightness and privacy. These are especially useful in the city. The nearest neighboring building was about 15 feet away.


I ended up choosing two styles: Premier single cell (5/8″ Light Filtering Honeycomb) and Select single cell (5/8″) light filtering honeycomb. I ordered samples of all the types. The Classic Single Cell, though affordable, felt too thin. In the end there wasn’t much of a difference between the Select or Premier.

However, after installing 5(!) They werhttps://www.bestcustomscreens.com/shop/sun-screen-roller-shades/e placed in our office because there are many windows with lots of glass. I felt the room was corporate because of the combination between the light grey color and their sheer numbers. I started to research other styles for the rest of the rooms.

Classic Roman Shades are what I chose to use for the next room. I couldn’t tell the difference so I ordered some swatches. I didn’t need anything fancy and stayed with the most basic white/linen colors.



We were looking to have a white-colored linen shade look. To find it, we looked at several samples and even placed an actual order. White Linen was originally what we ordered. But, the large format made it too natural for our windows (from 79 inches to 95 inches).

For all other rooms, we used Simply White, which was a standard, slightly warmer-toned, medium-weight white fabric. Cloud White was not my favorite texture. It was stiff and too pure-blue. I hope you will find the below annotated photo helpful if your looking for white roman shade.

We had originally intended to use Outside mount cordless cellular shades in our common dining/kitchen areas. After finishing the office, we decided we wanted something more and spent more on cordless woven timber shades.

I was hesitant to try these because they were all sold out. There are a few examples on their website, but I decided to go to the Select Blinds Instagram page to see the many colors “in real life”. I was particularly confused between Jute Wheat, Jute Natural, and the lighter Jute Natural. Based on this picture, I decided to go for Jute Natural.


They arrived in a panicky package. I thought they were too fragile. They looked great once they were up! It’s important to not underestimate the difference in how ‘darker” a shade of color can look when there’s a lot of it. To illustrate, I ordered a Jute Wheat sampling once it was in stock. The difference can be seen in the photo below.


Overall, I have been very pleased with my Select Blinds. I’m glad we decided to go this route. Otherwise, we would have ordered Outside mount cordless cellular shades throughout our entire space. I’m now certain that I wouldn’t have liked this aesthetic. We also saved money.


If you’re nervous about blind installation and have never installed blinds before, I recommend beginning with one small window. You can watch their YouTube channel for helpful instructions.

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