How to Cut Levolor Blinds to Fit Windows

How to Cut Levolor Blinds to Fit Windows

Precisely How to Cut Levolor Blinds to Fit Windows


Levolor manufactures window coverings consisting of vertical blinds, mobile shades, as well as roller shades. These home window blinds are offered in various materials such as aluminum, textile, timber, and vinyl in personalized sizes.


When you ordered the How to Cut Levolor Blinds to Fit Windows, you determined incorrectly or bought the incorrect size by the crash. The blinds might not fit your home window precisely when you try to install them. Whatever the factor, many kinds of wood Levolor blinds found in slats can be reduced to the proper width with a couple of tools.

Raise the Levolor blinds out of their braces with your hands and lay them on a degree surface area.

Tie the lift cords in a loose knot. Tear off the plugs in the bottom of the bottom rail or steel bar with a level head screwdriver. Reverse the knots ultimately of the strings and also pull strings out through the openings in each slat. Get hold of the slats as well as slide them out of the string ladders that hold them.


Stack the slats one in addition to an additional and also line up completions. Wrap a big rubber band around the slats. Wind masking tape around the ends of the slats so they do not splinter when you cut them. Mark the place where you need to reduce the How to Cut Levolor Blinds to Fit Windows to make them fit your home window’s dimensions on the covering-up tape with a pen. Cut the slats gradually with a hacksaw over the mark you made.

How to Cut Levolor Blinds to Fit Windows

Get rid of the steel pieces on completions of the headrail; the headrail is the long metal piece that holds the blinds. Please use a measuring tape to identify where to cut the headrail to ensure that it will certainly match the size of your blinds and place a pen mark because of the area—meticulously reduced along the line on the headrail with a hacksaw. Repeat for the lower rail. Finally, push the steel items back onto the ends of both rails.


Mark a line to show the size of your home window on the frame, which covers the headrail, with a pen, so you recognize where to trim it. Then, cut along the line thoroughly with the hacksaw.


Press the slats back into the string ladders carefully, as well as make sure they are all dealing in the same direction as they were before you removed them. Then, thread the string back via the holes in the slats, beginning at the top of the blinds.

Run the string into the opening in the bottom rail and tie it in a double knot. Rehang the How to Cut Levolor Blinds to Fit Windows and also examine that they run correctly.

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